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At City Church, we want to be a church where everyone grows together as they grow in Christ.  We believe that an atmosphere of caring and community is what will create an open door to lives being changed by the Gospel.  We desire that the Holy Spirit be present in every believer as demonstrated by both fruit and gifts.

It is not possible to be involved in everything that is going on, but it is important that everyone get involved in something that is happening at City Church and the community we are involved in.

Kid's Ministry

From our City Babies, our Sunday Morning Kid's Church, and our Wednesday Evening City Lights, there is something for your family at City Church.

Kids are involved plays, special events are throughout the year, such as Easter and Dayton's Pumpkinfest, and weekly worship.

Sundays, childcare is provided for the babies / toddlers, and a separate message is given in Kid's Church for our older kids.

Wednesdays at 7:01pm, we have an environment for our kids to grow in Christ and worship together.

Teen Ministry

Our Middle and High School meet together on Wednesday evenings in their own building to worship together and learn what it means to follow Christ.

Special events, activities, and trips are all a part of our teens learning to walk together in community.

We want all of our teens to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit in order to be strong in their faith and be a light to their world.

College / Young Adult Ministry

The young adults / college age attenders of City Church play a crucial role in the life of our church.  From serving on Greeter or Hospitality Teams, on the Worship Team, or any other role, this ministry is here for you!

This ministry meets in Chapel on Wednesday evenings at 7:01pm for worship, then breaks off for their own study and then fellowship.

People from local colleges such as Chattanooga State, UTC, or Bryan College, as well as from the career path, are developing a great sense of community at City Church.

Women's Ministry

The women of City Church are on the ball, serving and leading in every area of the church life.  Their heart and ability is seen in the life of what we do, and the church could not operate without them.

Women's retreats, Bible studies, and special meetings and conferences are done with the heart of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit in mind.

Community and Growth

We at City Church believe that we are meant to live in community and we are meant to grow in Christ.

SoL Groups, of Stages of Life Groups, are times of fellowship with others who are in your same Stage of Life.  Meet with others who are experiencing the same struggles and celebrating the same victories that you are and build community.

Connection Groups meet periodically by semesters, meeting on the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings for a 2-3 month period.  These groups meet at various locations, and are for the purpose of spiritual growth along with others.

Volunteer Groups

There are many ways to serve at City Church, and each one helps minister to the ones God has entrusted us with.

Our Greeter Teams make sure all of your questions are answered, while our Hospitality Teams make sure your coffee and snack needs are satisfied.  Our Sound and Media volunteers work to make sure all is heard and seen, and the Building and Cleaning crews keep things in order.

You can host a study or an event, minister to kids, or serve your community.  All of these roles, and more, are done with the love of Christ and for the benefit of the community.

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