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About us

City Church began in June 2011, and is continually working toward its goal to seeing the city of Dayton and the surrounding area be transformed by the overwhelming love of Christ.  We are figuring it all out, looking for the best ways to meet the needs of our area, and creating an atmosphere of grace as we grasp the love of God.

City Church Dayton exists to impact a city for the Kingdom of God, and to be a refuge for those who have not found a place to call home.

The atmosphere will be casual, with some light breakfast food for those who didn't get to eat beforehand.  It gives a great way to interact with others while eating donuts... nothing better than that!

No one will expect you to dress a certain way, give more than you are able, or be someone you are not.  God loves you... more than He loves anything you have done for Him or can do for Him or His church.

We like to laugh.  We are chasing God's heart.  We know His Spirit is real and is for us today.  We love seeing the impossible bow its knee to Jesus. We want to change a city.  Just come and find a home.


The worship is contemporary.  The preaching will unpack the Word of God.  The opportunity will be available to be set free.

City Church holds to tenets of the Christian Faith, and is Spirit-Led in distinction.
  • Mankind is separated from God because of the sin nature all are born into, but God has an unfathomable and unshakable love for mankind

  • God became flesh to make a way for us to be reconciled to Him as Jesus Christ (the Incarnation [God in the flesh]) who was fully God and fully man, born of a virgin, lived a life without sin, died on a cross in a punishment that was meant for us, and was buried

  • He conquered death and rose again, revealing Himself to His followers, and ascended to Heaven, and He is coming back some day

  • God sent His Holy Spirit to be with us and in us, He is alive and active in our lives today as believers, and all of His gifts are available and have never been ceased, and are in operation by those who are filled with His Spirit.


Statement of our approach & vision (Things we long for, and will not settle to live without):
  • That God's Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven...

  • That the Spirit of God be allowed to work and move in His people in a very real way

  • The culture of our city, county and region is to be impacted by the Kingdom of God

  • To be accepting of all people & offering a message of life

  • That the timeless truths and story of the unchanging word of God be unpacked and alive in our lives to live out in a real way

  • To never fear of being contemporary partnered with being built on Foundational Truths

  • To see unlikely connections happening because we are family focused and relationship driven

our pastors:
Bob & Holly Scott

Lead Pastors

Twitter: @bobbygscott

Twitter: @hollyscott

Steve Eastman

Youth Director

Stephen Farlett

Children's Church Director

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